Of Armies and hordes


Of Armies and Hordes is an army level wargame using area movement and abstract maneuvering to simplify play while retaining all the tactical choices and variables required by the genre. The rules are designed for fast, relaxed play among friends, not competitions. Bookkeeping is minimal. A typical large game requires two hours, including setup. Combat is dramatic. Battle-lines clash into each other. Something happens on the table every turn. Troops die quickly. The rules are non-scale specific.You can use any figures in any scale. Use any models you already own, or build dedicated armies. Basing is flexible. Use any system you like. You can even mix basing systems. As long as you can count the units (either the heads of models or the number of stands), you can play. Table size is flexible. As long as you can identify enough areas of the battlefield to provide a good game, you can play on a small kitchen table or on a huge wargaming table.

 The rules are written for fantasy games. It is possible to play ancient and medieval battles by removing the fantastical elements, but the rules have little pretension of historical accuracy. There is no SOLO system but the rules are simple enough that a player may play solo by controlling both sides. There are NO ARMY lists in the main file, but there is a spreadsheet with over 600 ready-made profiles, and you can create your own. From goblins to wlves to orcs to trolls and dwarves and humans and halflings and undead, we got you covered. By keeping the point system separate from the core rulebook, we will not need new editions as the game evolves and new troops are added. We will publish free PDFs of army lists (the same that are in the spreadsheet, plus more that we will add). We plan to collect all army lists in a print book in 2020. We will update the spreadsheet with new troops as they are created.