LOKA Complete boardgame


In Loka, you control one or more armies of elemental fantasy warriors – Fire, Earth, Air and Water are at war. The armies, divided into two teams, battle for supremacy using polyhedral dice, moving and fighting over a board layered with ever-changing fantasy terrain. The rules, and type of pieces available to your army are inspired by traditional chess, and so are extremely simple. However, in Loka you get to choose what pieces you are going to include in your army, which means your armies can be expanded for larger, more epic battles.

Includes board, rules and enough pieces to play traditional chess.

  • 1 rules leaflet
  • 1 two-sided game board
  • 9 terrain tiles
  • 1 dice set (D4, D6, D8, D12, D20)
  • 4 Elemental armies, each consisting of:
  • 1 King
  • 1 Queen
  • 1 Bishop
  • 1 Knight
  • 1 Rook
  • 4 Pawns.

Models supplied unpainted.