Inf – Liang kai wandering Shaolin monk


Liang Kai used to be a hero, a champion, a renowned and admired martial artist, a decorated warrior and master, and a complete man in balance with himself and with the universe. But that was before. Now, Liang Kai is a man on a downward spiral to his own personal hell, a fallen warrior struggling to redeem himself, a monk in search of enlightenment. If there has been anyone who has seen his life plummet from the very top, it has been this fighter. The shining star of Zhúlín Monastery, one of the small Shaolin centers in the region of Zhou Zhoug in Shentang, Liang Kai was the undefeated champion of all martial-arts tournaments organized by the order over four years, which earned him the title of Master of the 72 Shaolin Techniques—a feat that did not come easy, since he had to balance both his training and the tournaments with successive deployments in combat zones, as per order’s the agreements with the StateEmpire Army.