INF – Combined army – Fraacta (spitfire)


Blister with:

  • 1x FRAACTA (Spitfire)

If you were to ask a Fraacta what their unofficial motto is, she would say, with a savage smirk on her face and a spark in her eye: “Always Careless”. No one can deny that the entire modus operandi of this unit is predicated on wanton recklessness. By definition, the deployment maneuvers of any transorbital drop unit are a dangerous proposition, and airborne troops are regarded as perhaps the most audacious out there. But the all-female drop unit of the Sygmaa Trihedron takes it one step further. I can’t disclose classified information, so here’s an analogy: the Fraacta don’t just dive directly into the deep end of the pool, they dive backwards with their hands tied behind their backs, with the bravado you’d expect from a star stunt performer. When they jump from the vacuum of space into the hell of battle, with only their instincts and the sensory feedback from their drop symbiont as a guide, they feel invincible. While the crackling of their flight instruments still rings in their ears like an unbridled symphony, they are possessed by the certainty that they can achieve anything. There is no question that, with that blend of training and talent, and symbiont gear like that, you can afford the luxury of a little boldness. The Trihedron High Command frowns upon that kind of imprudent behavior, but what can you threaten them with? In their jump symbionts, the Fraacta are like goddesses of evil: something beautiful, and terrible to behold. Something treacherous. Something on edge. Something that must be stopped.

Officer Analyst Paul Harlow, Psi Unit of the Bureau Aegis, O-12. Liaison Group of the Paradiso Coordinated Command. Fragment of a conversation recorded during a break in an information session.