Inf – Aleph – Thorakitai


Box with:

  • 1x THORAKITES (Feuerbach)
  • 1x THORAKITES (Submachine gun)
  • 1x THORAKITES (Combi Rifle)

The Thorakitai (Thorakites in singular), are the base infantry of the Assault Sub-section. If the Myrmidons are the vanguard force, the wave that breaks the enemy front, the Thorakitai are the tide that comes afterwards giving support to the action, securing the terrain, sweeping away the enemy and consolidating positions. Even loaded with the armor and protective measures that give it its name (Thorakitai: « Cuirassiers ») and links them with the heavy troops of the phalanxes of antiquity, they are a mobile unit ready to defend the rearguard and valuable supply lines, but one that can also adopt more aggressive roles by leading front line offensive actions.

If the Myrmidons are the howling warriors of the Sub-section, the Thorakitai are the silent bad boys that know how to wait for their chance to prove that they are full-fledged members of the Steel Phalanx, born for war and baptized in blood.