INF – Aleph – Andromeda, sophistes of the steel phalanx


Andromeda (in Classical Greek: Ἀνδρομέδα / Androméda, which means « she who rules men”) was, in Greek mythology, an Aethiopian princess, daughter of king Cepheus. Made a victim by the excessive pride of her mother, the queen Cassiopeia, Andromeda would be chained naked to a rock as a sacrifice to the sea monster Cetus. Rescued by the hero Perseus, she would become his wife and rule by his side.

The Sophists are the Intelligence agents of the Steel Phalanx. Although in the beginning the Phalanx relied on the Operations Sub-section, as time went by it began to gain greater relevance due to the escalating conflict against the IE; circumstances had changed. Once it started gaining a more global presence in the Paradiso theater of operations, it became necessary to create a specific Intelligence group capable of working together with the Assault Sub-section’s operatives and their special characteristics.