DreadBall – Reek Rolat


In a typical game of DreadBall the Veer-myn get thumped. A lot. This can be a little wearing for your average Veer-myn Striker, though it has to be said that spending much of their time being slapped about only makes them all the happier when it comes to their team’s turn to do the thumping. “Payback” is a firm favourite for just this reason.

Veer-myn come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and Reek is a particularly large and ornery example of his race. He stands head and shoulders above most Veer- myn players, and even other Guards look a bit weedy in comparison. In addition to being physically large, Reek wears a set of specially made armour. Whilst this does conform to DreadBall regulations, it also seems to offer slightly more protection than normal, which makes him even more difficult for his opponents to get rid of.

“Payback” is aptly named. He lives to inflict bone-crunching revenge on those that hurt his smaller cousins – the Strikers – and he’s good at it! Basically he is a Veer-myn Guard that’s been turned up to 11 on a scale of 1 to 10.

As he is both Dodging and Slamming on 3+ (and with a skill that avoids his first point of injury on each test) he is a real challenge for the opposing team to deal with. Even if he does nothing the threat he poses will probably tie up two or three opponents, leaving the Veer-myn Strikers plenty of room to do their thing.