Aristeia – Maximus Thermopylae


Maximus represents the best PanOceania has to offer. Just like PanOceania, Gawain Rogers is the Number One, the best of the best. He has been Bahadur for more time than anyone, he has won more matches than anyone, he has starred in more movies than anyone, and he has sold more action figures and toy shields than anyone. Every PanOceanian kid loves Maximus and has learned more than a few moral lessons from his speeches inside and outside the HexaDome.

But time doesn’t stand still, and he’s growing old. Despite his high-tech armor and the regenerative treatments he constantly receives, no other sport has ever been as demanding as Aristeia!, both physically and psychologically, and his age is taking a heavy toll on his success ratio. There are rumors about his retirement, and some think this will be his last season, but the rock-solid PanOceanian icon is determined to prove them wrong.

What does he do?

Maximus’ character card is certainly nonstandard when you look at his attributes. Having the best W Defense in the game so far and more than twice as many T Hit Points as most aristos, it is obvious he is a great tank. His R Brawn is also the best so far, being the only character capable of rolling a 7 in a disengage roll, thus being the only one capable of stopping another Maximus because of his automatic 8 in Q Agility. And that’s why his worst attribute doesn’t matter so much. A U Speed value of just 3 is not so bad if you know for sure you’ll disengage even if you are surrounded by enemies. Unstoppable!

Of course, his main attack is not meant to deal damage, but to Displace and H Taunt enemies. That’s what makes him a true beast while inside a scoring zone, especially in scenarios like King of the Hill or Conquest, where he can just stand in the center of the scoring zone pushing enemies outside and protecting his allies with Get behind me!.

His general Switch reinforces his tank role, as H Taunted enemies won’t be able to attack anyone but Maximus.