Aristeia – Human fate


Corvus Belli introduces the third expansion for its MOBA-Style board game – Aristeia! Human Fate (HF). The theme of this expansion is going to be the hypercorps of the Human Sphere and their involvement in the greatest game in the known universe.

  • Four new aristos (Dart, Prysm, Eclypse and Bìxié) will arrive to dramatically change the scope of the game.
  • Two new scenarios are introduced: Hidden and Marked. The rules for the Poisoned status are updated.

The Human Fate (HF) expansion will increase the amount of options and interactions in your games with four new characters, each one of them with a brand new style of play and remarkable skills that will amaze all players.

The theme of this new expansion is the massive hypercorps of the Human Sphere, and their hunger for profit and power. They have found this in Aristeia! and they have found this sport to be the best way to showcase and promote their products.

Four aristos arrive to fiercely dispute the throne in the HexaDome. A rich heiress thirsty for blood, a high-performance athlete, an enigmatic competitor, and a national icon that has come to rewrite the history of Aristeia!

With this new expansion, two new states are added to the game:

  • Marked: The Character that suffers this State can be chosen as Objective even without Line of Sight.
  • Hidden. No Line of Sight can be drawn to the Model affected by this State, except by Range 1-1.

One of the existing rules of the game is also updated:

  • Poisoned. Poisoned state tokens are removed immediately after resolving their effect by showing their blue face.

The updated rules can already be found on the wiki.

This is a very special expansion for Corvus Belli. Our marketing director, Belén Moreno, stated:  » In our continued acknowledgement of women in gaming, we felt that it was imperative that we add more female aristos to the great game of Aristeia! We felt that these four new models represent the strength and charisma found in all of our players, and we are committed to continue exploring this path with future products ».

In addition to including the four pre-assembled high-quality plastic miniatures with the seal of Corvus Belli, a testament to quality. Each expansion of Aristeia! contains 4-character cards, 4 initiative cards, 16 tactical cards, 3 cards where the new rules are explained, and all the markers needed to play the expansion.